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TVLine thanks for The Originals 2:08 official pictures we received of Rebekah and Hope from the first episode part of The Brothers That Care Forgot booklet, November 24th will be shown on The CW.

In the first picture, Rebekah and Hope are visible on the playground, but the uneasy glance on auntie Bex face, we can conclude that they are not safe as much as Klaus and Hayley thought at the time.

We got another photo, which also can be seen of Elijah. Both of which I uploaded to the Gallery:

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Claire’s cinematic work Blue Like Jazz, showed on March 13, 2012 at the South by Southwest Film Festival. Blue Like Jazz was on the Hungarian channel Cinemax at projected date last year. This film has also the official posters, official photos, and the HD Quality still images I uploaded from the film to the gallery.

PostersOfficial PicturesFilming PicturesSnapshots From The Film

A brief description of the film:
The work describes the Church of pious, nineteen-year-old Donald. The traditional, conservative approach to the more liberal of Texas goes, one of the most progressive in the United States Product Manager Assem-spirited school, College in the Red. The school, the teachers and the students are very different from those received from Donald. The young guy is connected to an activist group. The new situation makes for a scene in which he realizes who he is and what he really believes.
Next screening: no information

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A gallery of images has been uploaded of Claire in the sequel film from 2011, Mean Girls 2. The film debuted on January 23, 2011 on the ABC Family Channel, and was published on February 1st 2012 on DVDs. On April 3rd it was introduced in Hungary. The movie was filmed in the summer of 2010, in Atlanta.

PostersPromotional PhotosOfficial Pictures
Filming PicturesSnapshots From The Film

A brief description of the film:
The American high school is a special micro-society, the world of psychological warfare and intrigue. In particular, the girls are extremely resourceful when it comes to about how you add to one another. One of the new junior girls,  Jo deftly maneuvers in this environment, while still holding her own interests in mind. Meanwhile, the tough girl gang led by Mandi continues picking on, terrorizing others. So, when Mandi falls to the little gray mouse wheel, Abby and Jo decide it is time to take a stand. They join forces, with Abby and together they crossed the evil girl band. But Abby finds out Jo’s real intention.
Next screening: no information

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Filmed on September 26th, 2:08 of the The Originals – The Brothers That Care Forgot dubbed episode, in which the family Mikaelsen puzzle will finally be complete Rebekah and long-awaited return of Hope. We have the 17 high-quality shooting pictures from backstage, which can be viewed in the gallery:

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In 2008, Claire left the H2O: Just Add Water series for a new role, she went on to take part in the Messenger 2: Beginning of the End. Which they began shooting in Sofia, Bulgaria in April 2008. The film went worldwide in July 21, 2009, was released on DVD, and could also be purchased here at home in 2011.

Lucky for me I also managed to get them a copy of the DVD from Hungarian, so now the official pictures, posters, in addition to the rotation and DVD-quality snapshots is also showcased in the gallery for the film:

PosterOfficial VideosShooting Pictures
DVD: MenuDVD: PreDVD: Snapshots From The Film

A brief description of the film:
It is inconceivable proportions of fear of the critically acclaimed horror film showing the history of the Messenger. John Rollins just wanted to protect the crop from when a mysterious scarecrow set the land, but soon turns out to be the straw man is the embodiment of evil itself. As a growing number of dead, his family suspect that John was disturbed in his mind, so ultimately needs to address the deadly force alone, which knows no boundaries. As you sow, you reap …
Next screening: no information

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