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!!! SPOILER !!! The Originals season finale a lot of twists occurred, which will carry new fibers for the story, the most shocking, however, was Rebekah’s decision, she accepted Esther’s offer, leaving her original body and entering that of a young witch (played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers) — one handpicked by Kol, no less. TVLine spoke briefly with executive producer Michael Narducci.

TVLINE | So, what’s next for Rebekah?
Putting Rebekah into another body is a great instance of “be careful what you wish for.” Now that she’s no longer in her original immortal body — that strong, fast body that can endure anything — she’s just a mortal witch. She’s got a whole new set of powers, but she’s not immortal anymore. If she’s stabbed or killed, will that be the end of Rebekah? And will this Faustian deal be worth it to her? That’s one of the things we really want to explore.

TVLINE | Does this mean we won’t be seeing Claire Holt as Rebekah anymore?
The great thing about our show is that we have a built-in engine. We’ve seen Kol in a new body, for example, but we also still get to see Nathan Buzolic quite a bit in flashbacks.

TVLINE | But is the body swap permanent?
This isn’t necessarily a permanent change. It’s not like something is going to happen to Rebekah’s original body, or that once she makes this change, she can’t go back — unlike Kol and Finn, whose original bodies were destroyed. Rebekah’s body will continue to exist, so there are many different story opportunities for us to explore.

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At dawn today the cast of The CW’s half-season finale episode of The Originals, 2.09 episode entitled The Map of Moments! I think it was a very good part, really, such an exciting part was long ago in the series. Rebekah scenes for me were the best, only regret is, what they have done with it. 🙁 I hope we see more of Claire in the series, and not only in flashbacks.

I uploaded 461 snapshots of the episode in the gallery:

In addition, two backstage photos also appeared in the same relation to this episode:

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Have not yet had the opportunity to share with you The Originals 2.09 – The Map of Moments Preview Trailer, so now fill this. 🙂  The episode is in a week, it will be shown on December 8 on The CW!

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A The CW kiadta a hivatalos képeket a The Originals szezon záró, 2.09 – The Map of Moments című epizódjához kapcsolódóan. Egyet ugyan már régebben láthattunk, de most megjelent 3 új, amelyeken Claire is látható. Ezeket egyelőre MQ méretben tekinthetitek meg a galériában.

FIGYELEM! Jövőhéten nem lesz új The Originals epizód, így ezt a részt majd csak december 8.-án fogja leadni a csatorna!

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Finally released The Originals 2.08 – “The Brothers That Care Forgot” entitled episode! Claire was offered a great part in this , can not wait to see next week in the winter season finale! 🙂 Az epizódból pedig feltöltöttem 215 pillanatképet a galériába:

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