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After leaving the show in the first season to focus on other things, Claire Holt, who played the role of  Rebekah Mikaelson, Klaus and Elijah’s sister, has expressed openness to return to the show after her guest appearance towards the last episodes of Season 2.

“I’d love to! I’m on another show right now, Aquarius, and it’s about to air. Obviously the fate of the show in the future is uncertain, but I would love to be able to do both if possible. Rebekah is so special to me, and anytime I get to go back and visit that world and New Orleans and my family there, I’m on that plane ready to go,” Holt told EW in an interview when asked if she would like to return to her character in the show.


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Claire Holt is back (and in danger of being daggered)! With Claire Holt returning, we also get the return of Rebekah, the Original vampire, which will change things.

Narducci Quotes:

“If Rebekah is in her original bod, she’s a little bit more durable and a little bit less likely to be easily killed in battle,” Narducci said. “

Maybe Klaus plan was to put her back in that original body to protect her, and to make sure that nothing happened to her. Or maybe he did what he did because he wanted to delay her and keep her out of the fight as long as possible. I think it very much, as Rebekah pointed out in Monday night’s episode, was also a punishment.

“And then finally, I think—it’s very interesting of Klaus. This is something he has done throughout all the time that we’ve known him—he daggers his siblings and he stores them away as punishment until such time as he wants to bring them back. And he can’t dagger Rebekah in Eva Sinclair’s body. But if she’s in Rebekah’s body—in Claire Holt’s body—he can dagger her. So it’s all kind of playing into who Klaus is and why he does certain things.”

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With Season 2 of “The Originals” winding down, viewers of the hit CW series have been left to wonder if the original Rebekah, portrayed by Claire Holt, will be returning. And lucky for fans, it looks like the blond actress may appear sooner than we thought!

Holt, who stars in the upcoming NBC show “Aquarius,” dished to E! News that it’s quite possible she may be slipping back into her fangs before we know it.

“Yes!” she confirmed her future return to the show. “They’ve been really great with ‘Aquarius,’ in sharing, so I hope I can continue to do both in some capacity.” the actress said.

Currently the role of Rebekah is being played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers. Rebekah’s pesky brother Kol (Daniel Sharman) forced the soul of Holt’s character into the body of a wicked witch named Eva Sinclair, who was responsible for the disappearance of dozens of children throughout New Orleans. However, in episode 17, the spirit of the evil enchantress was killed, allowing Rebekah to freely live in the vessel.

In one of the latest episodes of “The Originals,” Richardson-Sellers’ character revealed she had no interest in leaving her current, fleshy inhabitant, believing it would result in the death of Davina (Danielle Campbell) and all the other youthful witches who were still connected to Eva through the deep and powerful spell. This had fans questioning if Rebekah would ever return to her original form.

“Definitely, when I can, I am going to venture back to that world,” the multitasking actress confirmed to E! News.

But Holt’s in no rush to sink her teeth back into the storyline of “The Originals” — especially because her character is in the hands of such a talented actress. “She’s doing a great job. Maybe a little too good,” Holt jokingly said of her character being taken on by Richardson-Sellers. “I was hoping she wouldn’t be so good.”

Richardson-Sellers revealed to TVLine in March that Holt has been nothing but supportive of her representation of Rebekah. In fact, Holt relayed that message to the actress personally she when paid the CW set a surprise visit.

“I met her a couple weekends ago, by accident, actually,” Richardson-Sellers explained. “I was out with some of the writers in L.A. and she stopped by. We had a great chat about it all. She’s very warm, very [welcoming] and very encouraging about the work I’ve been doing, which is great. She’s a sweetheart, and an amazing actress, so it’s a privilege for me to take on after her.”

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Hey! The Originals Marathon held this week, so I made ​​all the episode scenes snapshots of Claire. Thus, the 17 episodes from the first season in which Claire appeared, a total of 6,278 pictures you can look at in the gallery!

Gallery Links:
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The Originals > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.03 – Tangled Up in Blue
The Originals > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.04 – Girl in New Orleans
The Originals > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.05 – Sinners and Saints
The Originals > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.06 – Fruit of the Poisoned Tree
The Originals > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.07 – Bloodletting
The Originals > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.08 – The River in Reverse
The Originals > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.09 – Reigning Pain in New Orleans
The Originals > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.10 – The Casket Girls
The Originals > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.11 – Après Moi, Le Déluge
The Originals > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.12 – Dance Back from the Grave
The Originals > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.13 – Crescent City
The Originals > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.14 – Long Way Back from Hell
The Originals > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.15 – Le Grand Guignol
The Originals > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.16 – Farewell to Storyville
The Originals > Season 1 > Episode Captures > 1.22 – From a Cradle to a Grave

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!!! SPOILER !!! The Originals season finale a lot of twists occurred, which will carry new fibers for the story, the most shocking, however, was Rebekah’s decision, she accepted Esther’s offer, leaving her original body and entering that of a young witch (played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers) — one handpicked by Kol, no less. TVLine spoke briefly with executive producer Michael Narducci.

TVLINE | So, what’s next for Rebekah?
Putting Rebekah into another body is a great instance of “be careful what you wish for.” Now that she’s no longer in her original immortal body — that strong, fast body that can endure anything — she’s just a mortal witch. She’s got a whole new set of powers, but she’s not immortal anymore. If she’s stabbed or killed, will that be the end of Rebekah? And will this Faustian deal be worth it to her? That’s one of the things we really want to explore.

TVLINE | Does this mean we won’t be seeing Claire Holt as Rebekah anymore?
The great thing about our show is that we have a built-in engine. We’ve seen Kol in a new body, for example, but we also still get to see Nathan Buzolic quite a bit in flashbacks.

TVLINE | But is the body swap permanent?
This isn’t necessarily a permanent change. It’s not like something is going to happen to Rebekah’s original body, or that once she makes this change, she can’t go back — unlike Kol and Finn, whose original bodies were destroyed. Rebekah’s body will continue to exist, so there are many different story opportunities for us to explore.

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