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This is the exclusive interview Claire Holt had with PEOPLE.

What drew you to Aquarius?
“It was like nothing I’d ever read before. The script was so original and I was immediately drawn to it. And then of course David Duchovny is such a phenomenal actor and to be given the opportunity to work with him was a dream for me. I really fought for the role and it’s something I felt that I desperately wanted and I’m truly grateful to have gotten”

How familiar were you with the story of Charles Manson? Did you have to do a lot of research once you got the role?
“I definitely did. I knew of Charles Manson, but in Australia we have our own serial killers. I wasn’t intricately familiar with him so I definitely did a lot of research, spent a lot of time on Google, then had to make a rule that I wasn’t allowed to research at nighttime because I scared myself. It’s really fascinating, this story. His message was so strange to me because it began as love and family and it ended in this horrible place.”

What was it like being on a period set, and wearing all these ’60s clothes and the look?
“It was so much fun. I obviously wasn’t born in the ’60s so I never had the opportunity to dress up like that before and it was amazing. We really felt like we were a part of that era, from the hair and the makeup to the costumes to the set design. It just felt so real and so organic and I loved it. Some of those costumes I got to wear as a hippie were awesome.”

Did you get any training for your role, as far as being an officer? How did you research that?
“One of the interesting things about being a female police office in the ’60s is they really didn’t have opportunities to do any serious police work – they filed and they made coffee and they were treated like secretaries. So the great thing about my character is she was one of the first to be able to do any sort of police work and go undercover. There wasn’t too much technical police training I had to do, but for one of the episodes I had to learn how to hold a gun – that took some teaching!”

You’re Australian – how are you able to nail down the accent for this role?
“Well I’ve been living in the States for almost seven years now, so I think it’s one of those things that you have so much practice and you’re immersed in it and hear it every day and you grow up listening to American television shows and films and hearing the accent. My boyfriend – Matt Kaplan – is American so any time I’m unsure of how to say something, I say, “Hey how do you say this?” and he yells it out. I think it’s always going to sound funny to him and not quite right but hopefully the public who watch it won’t be able to catch on!”

Why should people tune in for Aquarius?
“The thing about Aquarius is it’s incredibly original and it’s really different than anything on network television. The story is so compelling and it’s something people are fascinated by. The show, despite the fact that it’s set in the late ’60s, is really topical today. The issues that you see in the show – sexism, racism, war – they’re still social and political issues today and they’re still important. We’re still talking about it. It’s uncanny to see how many parallels there are when watching the show and watching the news. And the characters are compelling!”


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Good News! “Aquarius” the NBC drama starring Claire Holt as Charmain Tully has been renewed for a 2nd Season.

Claire is exciting about the pick-up. She tweeted after the news went public, along with a photo of her character looking weary.

“Despite my face in this still from tonight’s episode, I am beyond excited for season 2 of @nbcaquarius!!! Thank you all so much for supporting the show. Don’t forget to tune in tonight at 9pm on NBC. #Aquarius”

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Actress Claire Holt has ended her supernatural streak on the small screen with a true tale of terror in Aquarius.

The 26-year-old is well known for her role as a mermaid on the Gold Coast-filmed teen series H2O: Just Add Water.

Since moving to the US nearly 7 years ago, she has gone on to star in two vampire-themed dramas: The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.


“I have been living in a heightened reality playing a vampire and a mermaid on these shows,” Holt tells APN.

“Aquarius was such a different experience. It is my favourite job I’ve had to date.”

She describes working with The X Files star Duchovny as a “dream”.

“He creates a nice (working) environment; he makes everyone laugh,”

“I was really nervous the first day…. I’ve been a fan of his for a very long time and I was desperate to not mess up. I managed to not do that and it was smooth sailing after that.”

“Aquarius” Plot Line

The gritty crime drama follows police officers Sam Hodiak (Duchovny) and Brian Shafe (Damon) as they track cult leader Charles Manson (Anthony).

Claire’s “Aquarius” Character

Holt’s character Charmain Tully, eager to get her hands dirty with some real police work, goes undercover with Shafe.

About Getting Down and Dirty In Her New Role

“He’s one of the few who sees potential in Charmain at a time when women were not allowed to do anything in the police force except the filing and the coffee,” she says.

“Female police officers had to carry their guns in their handbags, which is crazy to me.”

– Holt stars opposite David Duchovny, Gethin Anthony (Game of Thrones) and Grey Damon in the American crime drama.

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Its just been officially announced by NBC, their new show “Aquarius” will air Thursday May 28th. So tune in!

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Watch the latest teaser trailer for Claire’s upcoming Television Project “Aquarius” below.

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