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A gallery of images has been uploaded of Claire in the sequel film from 2011, Mean Girls 2. The film debuted on January 23, 2011 on the ABC Family Channel, and was published on February 1st 2012 on DVDs. On April 3rd it was introduced in Hungary. The movie was filmed in the summer of 2010, in Atlanta.

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A brief description of the film:
The American high school is a special micro-society, the world of psychological warfare and intrigue. In particular, the girls are extremely resourceful when it comes to about how you add to one another. One of the new junior girls,  Jo deftly maneuvers in this environment, while still holding her own interests in mind. Meanwhile, the tough girl gang led by Mandi continues picking on, terrorizing others. So, when Mandi falls to the little gray mouse wheel, Abby and Jo decide it is time to take a stand. They join forces, with Abby and together they crossed the evil girl band. But Abby finds out Jo’s real intention.
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Claire as Rebekah Mikaelson
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Claire as Charmain Tully
Status: Cancelled
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